Back Pain Sufferers: Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes.

12 12 2008

back_pain1Mistake #1: Ignoring your pain for too long
While it’s true that low back pain usually gets better within a few weeks, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore it. Pay attention to the pain and set up a consultation with a chiropractor who focuses on spinal correction. This is especially important because not all chiropractors focus on spinal correction. Many will just treat your symptoms, leaving the problem uncorrected. This spells disaster! The next time your back goes out on you, you will be worse off. With a correct diagnosis, you can start an appropriate Chiropractic care plan that will minimize future problems. Remember Pain is not your problem it is a side effect of damage to the spine, nerves, ligaments and muscles. Look for a chiropractor who practices a technique called Pettibon or CBP (Chiropractic Bophysics) for more information visit

doc2Mistake #2: Relying on your GP for too long

Primary care physicians and general practitioners don’t have in-depth training in spine medicine, so it may be harder to get an accurate diagnosis and/or treatment plan. If your idea of getting better doesn’t consist of muscle relaxants and pain pills then chiropractic care is just right for you. Not only will your chiropractor help you with pain, but you will notice improvements to your health that you did not think were related to your spine. Its common for problems like asthma, headaches, digestive problems, ear infections to clear up and never return when a course of care is initiated.

back-surgery2Mistake #3: Jumping to surgery too quickly
For many, it’s tempting to view spine surgery as a “quick fix”. However, with a few exceptions, it is typically recommended to try non-surgical treatment for at least several weeks or months before considering surgery. The only way to completely heal is through a sustained corrective chiropractic program combined with exercise and rehabilitation program. Even with surgery, you’ll need to exercise, get chiropractic care.

mri-lumbarMistake #4: Focusing on the MRI results
Time and again people e-mail me about their MRI scan results. But this does not mean there is a problem. All to often a patient brings in their MRI from their orthopedist and their MRI shows no signs of Herniated, protrusion or rupture. Yet the Patient is having terrible agonizing back and leg pain. Remember this, more than 60% of population has a herniated disc and cant feel it. The question you should be asking is why is my disc herniated? How has my spine twisted to cause the herniation and is there a way to untwist the vertebrae to take pressure off the disc and relieve the pressure so healing can take place. The answer is YES! This is what chiropractors are specially trained in.

Mistake #5: Bed rest and applying Heat

This is probably the mistake I hear about most often: Years ago the medical community instructed people with back pain to stay in bed for a week and apply heat. Today, they know better and more medical doctors now refer back pain sufferers to chiropractors. The longer you stay in bed the more locked and rigid the spine becomes. When it comes to using ice or heat always use ice, here’s why. Suppose you twisted your ankle, would you apply heat to the ankle or ice? Most people would apply ice. The reason you would apply ice would be to bring down the swelling caused by the torn, damaged tissue. Back Pain is no different! The mechanics of pain are complicated however whenever there is pain there’s also damaged tissue. Next time you have back pain avoid the medications, bed rest and bad advice. See your chiropractor or call our office or visit the International Chiropractic Association for a referral.

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