Taking Care of Your Hair…The Best Way

22 09 2011

A walk along the health and beauty aisle of your local grocery store will showcase dozens of popular hair care products.  Unfortunately, most of the ingredients in these products are actually toxic chemicals that damage hair follicles and leach into our bloodstream causing further toxicity in our bodies.  Healthy hair depends on healthy circulation and nutrition.  Many natural plant based oils are incredibly beneficial for a full head of healthy hair. 

 Some of the most toxic beauty supply ingredients include sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene and polyethylene glycol, and parabens (methylparabens).  Sodium lauryl sulfate is linked to excema, dry and irritated skin, hair loss, urinary tract infections, and cancer.  Polyethylene glycol is a petroleum based product that has been linked to cancer.  Parabens are known estrogen mimickers that can lead to estrogen dominance and cause many symptoms such as PMS, uterine fibroids, and breast cancer. 

 Many products advertise themselves to be natural or made with herbal extracts, etc.  However, a closer look at the ingredient label shows the toxic trio I listed above along with mineral oils, phosphates, petroleum products, ammonium salts and many other dangerous chemicals.  Many of these chemicals will make your hair and skin look nicer in the short-term…however, the toxic load they lay on your body will eventually cause your organs to rot, your skin to wrinkle and your hair to fall out later in life. 

 It is so very important to look through every ingredient.  If you cannot pronounce it or you have no idea what it is…chances are it is bad for you.  Be very careful!

Whatever you apply to your skin or hair will at some level diffuse transdermally into your bloodstream.  A general rule to follow is that anything you put on your skin, body, hair, etc. should be something you would naturally eat.  Healthy fat sources, herbal tinctures, and anti-oxidant rich essential oils are especially nourishing to the scalp and hair.  These sources provide incredible nutrition to the scalp and hair follicle and protect these regions from oxidative stress.

Dry hair usually comes out from prolonged dehydration, malnutrition, or the excessive use of toxic hair care products.  The best oils for dry hair include olive oil, basil & peppermint essential oils.  Mix these oils together and apply to the scalp.

 Dandruff usually comes about due to malnutrition, dehydration, extreme temperatures, fungal growth, psoriasis, blood sugar imbalances, and food allergies.  Some great essential oils to apply to the head for dandruff include a mixture of olive oil, bay oil, and tea tree oil.  Mix these together and apply to the scalp. 

Hair loss is a common problem due to hormone imbalances, disease states, malnutrition, toxicity, & chronic dehydration.  Several great essential oils are good for helping to re-grow hair include jojaba, burdock, & rosemary.  These oils help to improve circulation into the scalp and hair follicle.  This improves nutrient delivery to the region keeping the follicles strong.

Perhaps the best all-round oil to apply to the scalp and hair is coconut oil.  Coconut oil is primarily made up of medium chain triglyceride (MCT) fats.  These MCT’s have the perfect molecular structure to penetrate into the scalp and hair follicle to quickly and efficiently enhance nutrient delivery.  One of the key fats within coconut oil is lauric acid and microflora on the scalp interact with lauric acid to form monolaurin which has powerful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties to destroy various forms of candida and other infectious agents that damage hair follicle formation.  The amazing stability of the MCT’s acts as a natural anti-oxidant shielding and protecting the follicle from free radical damage.




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