About Dr Hagmeyer

  • Graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic
    Advanced Training

  • Advanced training and provider of Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis with
    emphasis on Thyroid, Immune System, Anemia, and Dysglycemia laboratory testing.
  • Advanced training in Functional Endocrinology with emphasis on HypoThyroid,
    Autoimmune, Anemia, and glucose conditions.
  • Advanced training in the bio-medical treatment of Thyroid related autoimmune
  • Advanced training with neurological relationship of neuortransmitter and
    brain physiology in connection to Thyroid related conditions.
  • Advanced Neurology coursework with The Carrick Institute of Advanced
    Neurological Studies.
  • Advanced training of neurotransmitter and brain physiology.
    Training Continuation

  • Dr. Hagmeyer teaches Thyroid function and physiology for multitudes of
    Thyroid symptom sufferers each month at his Wellness Center.
  • Currently enrolled in Functional Medicine University.
  • Currently pursuing diplomat status with the American Academy of Functional

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